Toxic and Narcissistic Families

” Narcissistic Families find strength in their numbers. The larger the extended family, the more successful the depths of dysfunction are hidden, especially from outsiders. Toxic families use a number of abusive techniques to accomplish several wanted outcomes.

Some family members will utilize the Silent Treatment to show their lack of regard. They may employ the “Us” versus “Them” philosophy regarding relatives and non-related spouses or significant others. Toxic families may also excessively gossip to fuel smear campaigns with the intent of triangulating people. Recognizing the abuse and not personalizing it is the first step for a survivor of a narcissistic family.

     If you observe long enough, you will see the focus of the toxic family members shift from one scapegoat to another. Toxic families can never be without a targeted victim. Otherwise, they may have to look at their own individual issues and deal with them which is not likely to happen. Speak Up and Speak Out Movement”

Dr. Tamika Anderson

6 Replies to “Toxic and Narcissistic Families”

  1. Distancing yourself to a certain degree from the toxic person is helpful. However, in many cases, the best solution is to remove the toxic individual from your life completely.

    This is not easy but when situations deteriorate to the point of making it impossible to live a happy and liberated life, this course of action is best

  2. If you feel the impulse to keep your toxic family member in your life, especially if that family member is your parent, it’s important to understand that keeping a toxic person in your life will have damaging effects on your mental health.


  3. Toxic Relationships Affect Your Health. They modify stress and help people feel like they have a place and a purpose in the world. Stress can increase just about every health issue such as brain, thyroid, immune, and weight problems. GET RID OF TOXIC BOYFRIENDS, GIRLFRIENDS, FAMILY, KIDS !

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